Cecilia FireThunder

Firethunder_002She left the reservation when she was 15 years old but returned home in 1987. South Dakota-born, she was given the Lakota name of Good Hearted Woman. She is a licensed nurse, widely known as an advocate for wellness and womenís issues, and for her unique way of reaching the hearts of communities and people.

Cecelia has co-written several healing and wellness curricula including the Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) for SCAP.
She has presented at over 50 national conferences in the US and Canada.

Cecelia is presently the Board President for KILI Radio and hosts the community healing programs. Her skills include superior translation of English into Lakota, and she is recognized internationally for her traditional doll making.

Ceceliaís humor, tears, hugs, hope, encouragement, and care have helped others begin their journey to wellness and balance.