Pat Parker

Pat ParkerIn 1992, she joined with her sister Tonya and they formed Native American Management Services, Inc. At the end of 1992 they secured 8(a) certification with the Small Business Administration and by the end of 2003 their firm’s annual revenue was 7 million dollars with staff support of over 80 employees throughout the United States and Internationally. As a federal contractor and former federal employee, Pat’s belief is that, when doing business with the federal government, the business bottom line must be balanced with the philosophy and dedication to public service.

As President of NAMS, Pat ensures that all efforts undertaken by the company are performed to the highest applicable standards of quality. As the “face” of NAMS, Pat also represents NAMS abilities and philosophy to government officials, leaders of private and non-profit corporations and American Indian and Alaska Native leaders.

Pat’s diverse education includes attendance at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa University’s School of the Dramatic Arts and the University of Maryland, where she studied theatre, journalism and public relations.

Her studies and experience in journalism, public relations and theater combined with her desire to create a venue to provide contemporary messages and images of American Indian people was the catalyst for producing Windows to Our Ways. Windows to Our Ways is a public affairs program dedicated to promoting the diverse culture of American Indians. The show is produced at and aired on Fairfax Public Access Television. Pat believes that using most powerful media tool to communicate, educate and entertain, from an American Indian point of view, will not only bring a greater understanding of the culture but also provide a platform for Indian unity.

Currently, Pat is Chair of the Native American Women’s Business Council and is on the Board of the National Indian Business Association. She is also a founding partner in Women Impacting Public Policy, a member of the Board of Directors for the National Women’s Museum and a founding member of Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations (WEWIN). Awards include: 2005 Office Depot “Businesswoman of the Year”; 2005 Induction into Enterprising Women magazine’s Hall of Fame; 2004 Honor Award for Outstanding Contractor, Administration for Children and Families, Dept. of Health and Human Services; 2001 Fifty Influential Minorities in Business, National Recognition Award; 2001 Business Women’s Network Entrepreneur of the Year and Diversity Best Practices Association Leader Award; featured profile in Self-Made Millionaires Women Entrepreneurs 2002, author Lausanne C. Lee; and 1998 National Native Woman Business of the Year, National Indian Business Association.