Rachel Joseph

Joseph_001aRachel Anne Joseph was born and raised in Lone Pine, California. Her parents are Dorothy and the late Richard Joseph. She graduated from the Lone Pine High with honors and attended Brigham Young University where she graduated with a degree in Social Work; also earning a degree in Graduate Study Management from the University of Utah.

She has had an outstanding career in service to Indian Tribes in addition to being a single Mom, raising four children, and who all have flourishing careers. Intermittently during this long career she managed to provide leadership in the National Congress of American Indians since joining in 1973. She retired in 1996 from the California Teachers Association where she was a Legislative Advocate, whereupon she was elected to serve on the Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribal Council as Vice-Chairman and Chairman.

She currently serves as Co-Chair of the National Steering committee for the Reauthorization for the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA). She is a Founder of the Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations and serves as an Officer as Secretary.